Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy Year New 2010


Happy New Year to all readers of my blog. May this year become the better year than before. Forget the past, proceed with present and forsee the future.

Plan your mission and make sure to activate it this year. May Alllah s.w.t bless us and shower us with iman and his rahmah. May Allah s.w.t give us the good strengh of health so that we are capable to perform ibadah to Him. Insya-Allah.

This year, I have 2 missions to be completed.

1) Training Activities

2) Write and Published my second book (In other words to continue with my previous writing which has been stop in 2009 for a while)

I cant wait to explore 2010 as many things have been planned to achieve my two missions. Hope the second edition of my first book, Hidup Zero Alasan will be re-print for the second time this year. Insya-Allah.

Pray to Allah s.w.t for the best. Chaiyok!!