Friday, 18 June 2010

New Me


Its has been a long time since I haven't sketch any post in this blog. I wish to write a lot but i cant. A lot to share. A lot to tell. The time is kicking. Aaah. It is just an excuse. Stop it.

My Law Attachment Programme really kills me. I'm not regretting but I'm glad to have d opportunity to foresee what is the legal life all about. What is a lawyer all about. I'm glad where I am now. and the most importantly, it strengthen myself to become a good Muslim lawyer.^_^

In Mssr. Zainul Rijal Talha Amir, I do learnt a lot. I did get many chances to involve with them directly or indirectly. Assist them. Follow them to court. Preparing documents. Involve in the meeting. And 1 more thing, they do answer me if I'm asking anything which I don't understand. Sometimes I feel the question is a bit ridiculous, but they do entertained me. Thank you. I know I gained a lot here. The experience is priceless.

--Seem like I gonna end my Attachment soon. 2 week to go. A lot to treasure. A lot to share. Takbir!!

P/S: Wondering How Im gonna prepare the report. %_^